Adjustable Beds in Apple Valley

There have been numerous studies touting the value of having a bed that is comfortable for your sleeping needs. After all, one mattress is not the same as another! But, now you no longer have to settle for a standard mattress. Today, you can have an adjustable bed in your own Apple Valley home. But, why should you choose for an adjustable bed rather than a standard one? Here are but a few reasons:

  • Because an adjustable bed can be set to provide the exact amount of height or incline needed, you will have better circulation while you sleep, thus helping to minimize cramps while sleeping.
  • Even if you don’t have a chronic condition, having an adjustable bed will help relieve aches and pains that come with life and getting older.
  • Do you deal with asthma? If so, then being able to incline your mattress can go a long way toward better breathing while sleeping.
  • The same is true with those who deal with acid reflux. By sleeping on an adjustable bed, you will find that the stress that is placed on the throat and stomach with a traditional mattress is eliminated when sleeping on an incline.
  • Many adjustable beds come with the option for heat or vibration. This is especially nice for people who suffer with back related pain.

The Importance of Sleeping Well

We all know that getting enough sleep is important to having a productive life. In fact, there have been numerous studies showing just how vital a good night’s sleep is to our health. For instance, did you know that:

  • Not sleeping well can actually lead to obesity. In fact, one study found that 55% of adults who slept poorly were likely to have weight issues.
  • Good sleep can improve concentration and productivity.
  • Poor sleepers are at greater risk for heart disease and stroke. Specifically, those who sleep less than 8 hours per night are at higher risks.
  • Poor sleep is linked to depression, with 90% of people who deal with depression citing poor sleep quality.
  • Getting plenty of sleep helps build the body’s immune system.

As you can see, getting enough sleep is a must. But, it’s not just about sleeping. It is about how well you sleep. Opting for an adjustable bed is great way to ensure that you always sleep well in your Apple Valley home.

Get an Adjustable Bed for Your Home Today

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