Whatever Happened to Flipping the Mattress? All About Two-Sided Mattresses

You may have heard us talk about our selection of two-sided mattresses. But, why should you buy a two sided mattress? Your decision to buy a single- or double-sided mattress will depend on several factors; including your age, lifestyle and mattress preference as well as your lifespan expectations for your mattress. As experts in two-sided mattresses for Woodbury, we’d like to tell you all about them as well as their many wonderful benefits.


The Restonic Midnight collection is the best overall value in the 2 sided Mattress line.

Why a double-sided mattress? No mattress is going to keep the same shape it had when it was delivered. Body impressions form over time and are a good thing! They show that the mattress is conforming to your unique shape, which is essential to what mattresses are supposed to do.

With a double-sided mattress, you can flip it over and have another flat side that has no body impressions, allowing the first side to work itself out for a while, and helps the materials to settle evenly. Then, when this side forms impressions, you can flip it over and use the side that has settled.

Whatever happened to the practice of flipping the mattress? In the past, all innerspring mattresses were double-sided, meaning you could flip the mattress over and sleep on the other side. But about 20 years ago, the industry changed. Many mattress companies stopped buying and selling these mattresses in order to save money Faced with a one-sided mattress, people were then forced to buy a new one every time their mattress shows signs of wear. The reason many companies stopped making and selling two-sided mattresses is cost. The profits on single-sided mattresses were simply too great to go back to two-sided mattresses. Companies can save 25-30% by not including the second side cushioning layer, the expensive part of most mattresses. That’s why almost every mattress store, except for the Mattress Superstore stopped selling them.

And, the worst part? They don’t pass these savings on to you, the consumer. Instead, they just take the savings as profit. Stores that only sell no-flip mattresses will tell customers that their favorite mattress brand lo longer makes two-sided models anymore. What they don’t tell you is that most of them do make two-sided models; they just reserve them for wholesale and commercial customers like hotels.

At The Mattress Superstore, we still sell a variety of two-sided mattresses in many of your favorite brands because we understand their value and know how long-lasting they can be for our customers. After all, we want our customers to have access to the very best in mattresses! We value our customers and want to offer the best quality mattresses at reasonable prices.

So when you are in the market for a new mattress, come see our selection! We can help you find a mattress that will last!

For more information about mattresses in Woodbury stop by one of our showrooms! Call the Mattress Superstore at our Lake Elmo location at 651-348-8600 or our Rosemount location at 952-683-9574 or Contact Us to learn more.

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